Pack Your Trash Classic

Jim Phillips created pack your trash in the 1980’s when the Pleasure Point Night Fighters reformed.  Jim to created the concept of keeping our beaches clean since that was their main focus. Jim is also known for his iconic graphics, and designs for Santa Cruz Skateboards among many other iconic companies. Pack Your Trash sends a powerful message for all of us to care for the environment and leave it looking nicer than when you arrived.
Pleasure Point,Ca
                                                                  Jim Phillips & Jack O'neill Legendary. 
Jim Phillips & Richard Novak (above) have created an onslaught of legendary & highly influential artwork & product for generations to come.
Being a part of this high powered expression intertwined into positive aggression, everyone knew where they wanted to be. 
Much Gratitude 
                                                                 Pack Your Trash banner, Classic Pleasure Point,Ca 
From the mid 70’s to the late 80’s Jim's created skateboardings most iconic logos and graphics. Jim Phillips was presented as one of the Icon Award recipients for his lifetime of artwork through Santa Cruz and NHS  Check out his full acceptance speech on the
Skateboarding Hall of Fame
Congratulations Jim!
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